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Assist incapacitated patients in dressing, washing, bathing, feeding and Give medications as explained and advised.Follow the commands as advised.New to the field.

Senior GDA:

Assist incapacitated patients in dressing, washing, and bathing. Feed patients at breakfast, lunch, supper and dinner times. Follow the commands as advised and can react to emergencies at times.

Certified Anm:

Assess the needs of patients with nursing care Demonstrate and carry out efficient nursing care, taking care of personal comfort and toilet of patients, administration of drugs and treatment, observation and recording of vital parameters.

Certified GNM:

ICU Exp GNM: Assess the health problems and needs of their patients, plan and develop nursing care plans, implement and evaluate the care and maintain a record of their day to day clinical interventions.

Certified Bsc:

ICU Exp Bsc: Record medical history and symptoms. Collaborate with teams to plan for patient care. Advocate for the health and well being of patients. Monitor patient health and record signs. Administer medications and treatments. Operate medical equipment.


Observing and recording patient behavior. Performing physical exams and diagnostic tests. Collecting patient health histories. Educating health client and their families about treatment plans. Administering medications, provide care to acutely and critically ill patients, can handle with highly technical and advanced medical equipment

Pediatric Nursing Care Services:

Health services and specialized care for children are referred to as pediatric home nursing services. A qualified nurse is assigned to take care of a child's medical requirements at home around the clock. Depending on the needs and requirements of the kid, you can also make frequent pediatric home visits. In addition to helping in school, the nurse aids in a child's healthy development.

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NurseMe Cares India Pvt Ltd.

Our platform will help a varied array of people who need expert nurses to support them through ailments, to ailing elderly or working children who require consistent medical attention. Through NurseMe, a carefully curated and developed mobile application, a client will be able to book reliable nursing services with the click of just a button. We have Professional nurses of several levels of experience and expertise to deliver world-class nursing right at home.

Our vision is to empower millions of professional nurses across the country to be able to deliver top-notch quality services and attain their professional goals while still not having to hinder their personal commitments.

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